My career in Nursing has been anything but ordinary. I entered into Nursing because I was told I did not have the ‘aptitude’ to be a paramedic, which led to a 20yr career from Intensive Care Units, Burns Trauma teams, running tertiary city Emergency Departments to leading rescue teams nationally and abroad. Through these years I have developed strong leadership skills practising extreme ownership in my and my team’s actions. I have assumed responsibility in providing a broad range of Medical Services and managing Mobilisation of Emergency Response units for projects. These projects employ up to 1200 employees over large distances, including rural Australia and remote third world locations. As a result of this combined experience, I am a proficient and adaptable performer who provides effective leadership in high-pressure environments.

He quickly develops cohesive relationships, and has significant experience in training, coaching and mentoring. Matt is currently a Sales Executive for the global group, Jeunesse, who are distributing products through a cutting-edge network marketing system. Matt has developed business acumen through working autonomously to achieve organisational goals whilst employing sound planning and targeting practices. Matt’s interpersonal savvy has given him success in building quick rapport with prospective clients and achieving successful business outcomes.

Matt now seeks the opportunity to further his career in a new and rewarding sales environment while building his like-minded community at A World that Works. His hard-working nature, committed attitude and prior experience will be an asset to any progressive organisation.

• Self-motivated, positive; outgoing and friendly
• Willingness to learn, grow and develop
• A creative thinker and problem solver who is able to find a satisfying solution in line with organisational procedures
• Excels in a fast paced environment, multi-tasking effectively without sacrificing attention to detail
• Communicates confidently with customers, peers and superiors
• Highly organised, and able to prioritise effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and complete projects under pressure

As I reflect back, I realise that being a good Nurse is so much more than just clinical skills. Whether you’re an experienced nurse, student or new graduate, there is something of life’s and Nursing’s lessons here for you in this podcast.