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Your reasons for checking out this page may be diverse from searching for answers, a referral or you already know Matt and want to learn more.

Either way, it’s time to make changes so you and those who are most important to you benefit from you taking control of your trajectory.

Your thoughts, what you chose to focus on, your actions and ‘you’ matter.So, let’s dive deeper into the world of coaching and why on some level, in your mind, you’re wanting to learn more!

Lifestyle Coaching

Get more with a life coach:

  • Video sessions
  • Online coaching
  • Small groups
  • New courses start monthly
  • Unlock motivation
  • Revisit content through recorded sessions

Leadership Coaching

Become a great leader:

  • Video sessions
  • Online coaching
  • Small groups
  • Customised courses
  • Personal leadership
  • Professional coaching in leadership and management

Career Change Coach

Solve career dissatisfaction:

  • Video sessions
  • Online coaching
  • Small groups
  • Unlock your motivations
  • Learn to identify opportunities
  • Explore alternative options

From business goals to lifestyle coaching, Matt speaks from the heart

“When I Turned 30, I felt like I had hit my peak in life. Everything began to fall apart. I had reached my career goals, experienced many of the things which I thought I was placed here on this earth for.

Then the final experience came, I got a divorce from my first marriage. The day it was confirmed, while the most painful I had experienced at the time, was also the day I decided to never be the same man I was up to that point in my life.

I sought people who had the skills and tools to help me get to the next stage of life. I sought a coach who would teach, guide me and provide insights into what I felt I was missing, provide different perspectives, show me strategies and tools for handling events in life. All of which now, have profoundly changed how I see the world.”

It’s through life’s lows that we learn our true strength

Matt was confronted early in his nursing career with helping to treat a young woman who had tried to take her life by pouring petrol over herself and lighting it. After six weeks of treatment she was still breathing through a tube in her neck and could only speak with the aid of a speaking valve and confided in Matt.

She’d decided that she was going to make something of what she had done, to raise awareness of depression and the effects on young women.

Within a week he watched this lady make the mental shift from someone beaten to being determined to get out of ICU and to go home to give her event meaning.

Up till then, the slightest bit of pain and she would give up physio. She’d always have an excuse to not try and progress out of ICU. Then suddenly she changed to a mindset that nothing was going to get in her way of getting out.

After her shift, her rate of recovery was one of the fastest Matt had ever seen in a patient.

After observing this young woman’s struggles and the strength she mustered, Matt started noticing trends with his other patients. There were patterns, and shared mindsets that influenced how fast someone could heal and build something amazing from their disadvantage.

This young woman’s story planted the seed that grew into Matt upskilling as a life coach, specialising in lifestyle coaching.

A life coach gets you there faster

From lifestyle coaching, leadership coaching and as a career change coach, Matt’s coaching cuts the time to achieve your dreams. Matt teaches a collection of lessons, learnt from successful people. The goal is to obtain the results you desire from their methods while remaining authentically you.

Mindset evolution is hard and Matt doesn’t sugar coat it. But with the right tools, strategies, and a supportive life coach beside you, the journey can be far easier than going it alone.

Evolve how you think with Matt as your lifestyle coach, life mentor and friend on your journey. In the long run, the seeds you plant today will benefit you for a lifetime.

Lifestyle Coaching

“Close your eyes.
Picture in your head what your ideal life would look like?
What would your relationships be like?
What would your family life be like?
How would your home look and feel?
How would it feel to wake up daily to what you are passionate about?
What would your finances look like?
What kind of person do you want to be?

Now, think about your current life trajectory.

Are your current choices and decisions leading you towards your ideal life?
Or, are you heading to a different destination?
The good news is that we have the power to choose how we wish to write our future.”

Let Matt help you gain more clarity into how to start moving towards the life that you want to live

Leadership Coaching

We are all born leaders yet many of us struggle to bring together the qualities to be leaders.

Through leadership coaching workshops and online courses and sessions, Matt inspires the right balance of authority, confidence and compassion to build you or your team into great leaders.

He specialises in leadership coaching for professionals, unlocking the inner qualities that make great leaders.

Hire Matt to engage with your management team, or receive personalised leadership coaching for yourself, and see the difference in your business, career and home life almost immediately.

Career Change Coach

Tackling career coaching from a holistic angle with close ties to lifestyle coaching. Matt inspires an inward eye to focus on why you desire more.

He knows the determination it takes to make major life changes, and how to create a plan for change.

He applies his trademark pillars Intentions, Actions and Solutions to form the foundation of his teachings as a career change coach.

Matt’s perspective is not that, “the place I work for must pay for my education.” Instead, he teaches that, “if i want X i must work hard towards creating/studying X”.

So, to create change in your career and move forward with a plan, engage Matt as your career coach.

Contact Matt to take control:

  • Of your direction and purpose.
  • To release mental blockages.
  • Make sense of an event which has triggered change, where to start, how to keep going.
  • You know there is more, but where?

The three pillars to success


  • Gain clarity on what you want and define your unique idea of success.
  • Be honest and unafraid of your big dreams.
  • Learn to view challenges and setbacks as opportunities to learn.
  • Create a plan that moves you forwards


  • Let your actions define who you are, not your dreams.
  • Take measurable steps towards your goals.
  • Become the person that moves forwards with intention and motivation.
  • Perform daily actions that move you towards your dreams.


  • Learn to ‘course correct’ and adjust to feedback.
  • Learn how to tackle each step in your journey and adapt to make new solutions.
  • Take opportunities to gain support from others who have walked this road.
  • Resolve issues that have been burning inside you.
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