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Frustrated with not achieving your goals? Lacking energy? Battling internal conflict? Then Hypnotherapy is for you. You’re only days away from getting your time, energy and life back. Handle stressful situations with ease.

access conscious hypnosis in Brisbane today


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight loss sounds deceptively simple: first eat less, second exercise, then watch the weight drop off.  The truth is your unconscious mind puts up lots of barriers to stop you. For instance finding motivation, fighting temptation, managing cravings, boredom and emotional eating and all of a sudden it becomes too hard.

Hypnosis for weight loss can break down these barriers. Why not let your unconscious mind do the work?

Rapid weight loss is attainable even without exercise. Access Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss now.

Hypnotherapy for Quitting Smoking

We all know the benefits of quitting smoking. Firstly the health benefits of reducing heart disease and cancers, secondly the benefits of breathing and tasting better, and in addition to that the money you’ll save on cigarettes!

If you’re reading this you’ve probably tried quitting smoking before. You’ve experienced the addictive power of nicotine and how it accesses the habit forming parts of your brain to hold you captive. Your story doesn’t have to end here! Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking specifically targets the unconscious parts that are driving these habits. You can break free today and finally call yourself an ex-smoker. Access Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking now.

There is a real illusion on the internet that a lifetime smoking habit can be stopped in 60minutes. Suppose you have done any research on the power of nicotine and the effects on the brain. In that case, you will understand why this is so difficult to achieve or sustain.

Why, because we must find the real cause for smoking. Not the story we tell ourselves and others. We must get to the heart of your reasons for smoking.

Hypnotherapy quitting smoking helps make change quickly and safely.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress

We have all experienced stress and anxiety at some stage in our lives. That flutter in your chest, knot in your stomach, in addition to the panic that sets in. Interestingly, our brains perceive stress and anxiety similarly – as fear.  Stress as the current experience of fear, and anxiety as the future response.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress digs deeper to the root causes in order to retrain the brain’s responses. In other words Hypnotherapy is able to access the unconscious parts of your brain to influence your conscious experience of emotions. Hypnotherapy is 100% drug-free and above all has no side effects.

It’s easy to access Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress management today.

Take Big Steps Forward using Hypnotherapy


Proven System

Proven methods that have been used for hundreds of years


Natural and drug free

Online personalised sessions

In Brisbane or else where, save time staying in the comfort of your home

Conscious Hypnosis

You are always in control

Hypnosis doesn’t take choice away from you.

It empowers you to release your potential.

What Makes Hypnotherapy Incredible?

Hypnosis get past your struggle

Get past your struggle

Quickly and easily

Hypnotherapy - Improved Relationships

More Satisifing Relationships

Hypnosis in Brisbane to Get past blockages

Easily Remove Old Blockages To Goals

Often, we know what we want, yet we feel like something is in the way. Remove blockages so you create a new chapter for your life

Hypnotherapy is tool for change

Hypnosis is a tool

Hypnotherapy has defined steps towards your goal

Defined actionable steps

Hypnosis to access more energy for your family

Turn newfound energy towards your family

Hypnotherapy to align your unconscious to your conscious mind to create new habits

Create New, Empowering Habits

Through the power of suggestion, let your unconscious mind create habits towards your goal

Hypnosis in Brisbane Get you closer to the source

Go directly to the source

97% of your mind run on autopilot. Time to set a new destination?

The best time to take action was a month ago. The next best time to acquire more energy, confidence & motivation is today!

Speak to Matt To Learn More

Hypnotherapy opens a new world of possibilities ahead of you. Possibilities which are already within us. More than you could have imagined. Work with Matt today.

Knowing what you must do to change and doing it are not the same thing. Use Hypnotherapy in Brisbane more time, energy and motivation

My Clients Say


Matt is an incredible life coach. He is patient, insightful and gently guides you to where you want to be. He helped me overcome many limiting beliefs and blockages when I started my own business. He is very personable and has the ability to listen to what you don't say as well as what you do say. He is very knowledgeable, communicates exceptionally well and will do all he can to ensure you succeed. I highly recommend getting in touch with Matt Steer to see how he can help you.


I needed help with my self-confidence in my abilities, how to apply my knowledge to practice and looking at the whole picture with the objective/subjective information available. I had a discussion with Matt Steer and provided myself with positive, motivating feedback that raised my confidence level; he also shared some techniques that were very useful in applying myself in practice.

I applied what he had suggested to me, and I had incredible results. I found myself more confident, able to look further into situations and think ahead. I have carried forward his suggestions into all aspects of my life; I couldn’t be more grateful it made a huge difference in my life. I would highly recommend Matt Steer to anyone who would like a bit of guidance, support or direction in their lives, he is a positive thinker, an attentive listener and has empathy for others.


I have known Matt for many years. I did a 6 week short course with him and wow is the best way to describe it. In 6 short weeks with the tools Matt gives you the changes you will see is unbelievable. This is the 1st time I have ever done a life coaching course I wanted better for myself and my future and I now can thanks to Matt. I highly recommend Matt. So if your serious about wanting to change. What are you waiting for?

Joel (Bravery Awared of Australia)

Matthew has a passion for safety, a strong work ethic, great organisational skills and an ability to lead and teach that I have observed proven in a difficult and stressful environment. Matthew thrives under pressure and learns very quickly. Whilst Matthew did not report to me (we worked together in similar roles) I have managed staff in a variety of contexts and as such feel confident in my endorsement of Matthew from a manager's perspective. I would employ him or work with him again willingly at any time.


Matthew was a dedicated, hardworking professional, always willing to except new challenges and to expand his knowledge and skills, with excellent communication skills

100% guarantee Life Coach Hypnotherapy

Happiness Guarantee

Matt Steer’s #1 priority is to get you to the agreed goal. Which means he stands by the proven hypnotherapy pathways for quitting smoking, weight loss, stress & anxiety. Matt Steer offers free additional Hypnosis Sessions till the agreed goal is achieved. No questions. No ifs. No butts. Whatever it takes, we will reach your goal. Matt is here for you. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Did you know?

Hypnosis may sound scary or mystical but it is actually a natural trance that most of us experience, often daily. For instance, whenever we channel our focus into something like reading, television, or driving, we naturally put our brains into a suggestive mood. Hypnotherapy actively uses this natural ability of our human brains, in other words intentionally taps into this unconscious suggestibility to help make those changes you want.

Let Your Unconscious Mind Do The Work

TV, Social Media and the like already hypnotise us

The Path to Starting Hypnotherapy

As Simple As 1 2 3 4 laughing




Discover if we are suitable fit or if Hypnosis is the best course for you?

On the call, we will discuss

  • Suitability for Hypnosis
  • Timeline for Sessions
  • Cost of Program

Learn more about Conscious Hypnosis in Brisbane

Personalised Plan

A personalised, individualised plan will be developed towards your desired outcome.

Matt’s Conscious Hypnosis sessions are designed to reach your unconscious minds resources for change.

I’m Ready to Discuss Hypnosis with Matt

First Session

Self Booking

All session are completed online. Weather in Brisbane or else where, you control your bookings with our self booking service.


First session to be 1hr. Subsequent sessions are 45min.
Book your first Conscious Hypnosis Session

Each Session Compounds

Each program has some work to-do between sessions. This work helps to facilitate change, reinforce goals or to track triggers such as a feeling of stress or wanting a smoke. This also helps to reinforce your reason for why you want to change.
I’m Ready to Discuss Hypnosis with Matt

Hypnosis Packages

Video Coaching and Hypnosis Session

Online Conscious Hypnosis Sessions

Using Skype or Microsoft teams. No need to leave the comfort of your home.

In person session

Living in Brisbane? In person session have been placed on hold due to COVID. Check back to learn more.

Matt Steer Your Hypnosis in Brisbane Therapist

Welcome to Conscious Hypnosis in Brisbane

Hi, I’m Matt Steer. I am a Life Coach and Conscious Hypnotherapist who helps people uncover their Authentic Selves and live fulfilling lives based in Brisbane. I help people discover motivation, energy & confidence they didn’t know they had. I help them to have great relationships with loved ones but above all with themselves.

My personal journey begun in 2010 where I had hit rock bottom. I knew I had to change how I was thinking in order to make the personal transformation I needed. I sought help from a trained Hypnotherapist and have never looked back. I want to help others experience the freedom of change and creating your new chapter.

I’m a real, direct, no bullshit guy who understands how men think and wants to help them discover their Authentic selves. I’ve worked FIFO & DIDO and understand the unique strain and isolation associated with this type of work. I want to make Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching easily accessible to anyone who wants to make a change.

Think of me as the person who swoops in with fresh, laser focused eyes to help you assess your life direction, your goals and set clear, actionable steps to achieve your Goal.

I’m married to Fang-Wei, who is a GP and we share an active toddler, Cooper, who keeps us on our toes. I have my beautiful family because I made that decision to change my life all those years ago.  Let me help you create the change in your life that you need.

Matt is available for Hypnosis in Brisbane 4 days per week. He spends 2 days per week wrestling Cooper as a stay at home Dad.

Matt would like to invite you to join our online community of Authentic Men.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Essentially they are referring to the same thing. Hypnosis is the state that Hypnotherapy aims to put you into.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a tool that trained therapists use to access the unconscious mind in order to make behaviour changes the client desires. Hypnotherapists help the client’s mind enter a suggestible state, or trance, to make the desired changes more acceptable to the brain.

Am I 100% in control?

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t be tricked into doing something against your will during hypnosis. Matt is your guide, helping you enter a suggestible state, whilst offering suggestions, which you can choose to accept. You remain 100% in control throughout the process.

What is the Unconscious Mind?

The Unconscious Mind refers to that which is below our conscious awareness. Think about a time when you might have driven home, got to your house and don’t remember anything about the trip. Your unconscious mind was at work.

How do I get the best out of Hypnotherapy?
What is Conscious Hypnosis?

Conscious hypnosis means that you stay awake the entire time during Hypnotherapy and are always in control of your decisions.

Is Hypnotherapy for me?

Hypnotherapy works best in people who have naturally suggestible minds. Some traits of a suggestible mind include:

  • A good imagination
  • The ability to easily get lost in a movie or book
  • The ability to concentrate & stay focused throughout the session

Everyone’s mind is different and Hypnotherapy isn’t for everyone. Matt always offers an initial free first consult to determine if Hypnotherapy is for you.

Not in Brisbane?

Matt Steer offers Personalised, Online Services

Who should avoid Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very safe for most people. In some circumstances, Matt requires a referral letter from your GP before starting hypnotherapy. These include:

  • Severe Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Drug or Alcohol Problems
  • Chronic Pain
Do I need a Doctors Referral?
In some circumstance, Matt will require a referral letter from your GP. This is to ensure your safety before any therapy. If you are unsure, please speak to Matt on your call or, alternatively, speak with Doctor Fangwei Chen at the Hawthorne Medical Clinic, East Brisbane.
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