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Love music, so do I!

Even if you’ve been successful in business for years, times are changing. Fast. If you don’t learn how to do business ‘the new way’, then you’re going to be left behind. I should know, I felt this way myself back in 2009 – but, since then I’ve totally changed the way I do business.

This page personal for me. It’s a page bringing together an era in my life which taught me fantastic lessons. These lessons are now been used to shape my future and the people I choose to work with as I grow our business in the 21st century.

For those who followed me throughout the year, A big thank you. We shared amazing experiences. As for the music, well… Thanks fully I’ve been going through all my recordings capture which will be shared intermittently here, so drop back regularly.

Time to take a step back to the good old days 

Matt Steer’s DJ Story

DJ Matt Steer debut during the late 1990’s continuing till 2013 playing at the largest parties.  Starting out with the obligatory private functions, moving on to the bars and clubs of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, he has steadily moved up through the ranks – honing the many skills that are “must haves” for a successful working DJ.

Even though these days you’re more likely to find DJ Matt Steer headlining at Australia’s and New Zealand’s most popular clubs and high profile parties, his solid grassroots foundation and versatility hold him in good stead in front of the decks wherever he goes.

Adaptation to the scene

A keen observer and party boy at heart, DJ Matt Steer instinctively knows what his dance floor wants. He remains in constant touch with the desires of an ever-changing club scene.

“Above all other things, my music is for the people [on the dance floor].” says Matt. “Every time I play, it’s my job to identify their needs, wants and desires and deliver… and then give that little bit extra that tips the balance that turns the entire dance floor into a sea of hands [in the air] and happy faces.”

An intuitive performer, DJ Matt Steer thrives on any opportunity to seduce and entertain an audience. His growing popularity has given him the opportunity to work with some of his longtime idols (and legends of the dance music industry) – Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyke, The Space Brothers and Chris Cox (Thunderpuss). Click here for career highlights.

Engaging DJ Matt Steer

When engaging Matt Steer, a promoter or producer can be guaranteed a professional approach and focus on the job at hand, a strong and loyal fan base, a well-proven range of skills and abilities together with a “can do” attitude as a team player confirms him as an asset to any world-class event.

Past Photos