About Matt Steer

“It’s the people who can cut through the clutter that move forward impacting the world.”

Unconventional and Unfinished

For Matt, he never sits back to gloat. Instead, he’s forever looking to learn, develop, grow and improve. As a personal coach, his life trajectory is unconventional, and by no means is he finished- he’s just getting started.

DJ and Music Producer

Matt had a talent of being able to communicate with music in a way which united the room and changed the atmosphere, a skill evident as a public speaker and personal coach.

He spent more than twenty years touring, recording and producing electronic music alongside his nursing career. Always striving to give his best to both pursuits, he lived the life he promotes through his work as a lifestyle and personal coach and public speaker.

Critical Care Nurse

Out of all the areas in nursing, Matt was quickly drawn to Critical Care. Why? Because it’s the most intense area with the sickest patients, and where life and death decisions are made daily.

The meticulous skill and experience of a trained tertiary team working together inspired and pushed Matt out of his comfort zone and he learnt how to be a rational decision maker- an attribute he passes on to his clients as a mindset and personal coach.

Success comes from self-awareness

Through Matt’s life experiences, the relevance of self-awareness and self-regulation became apparent in order to be a better nurse and a better human- skills he speaks about and teaches to his clients while creating a positive mindset.

Personal coaching also teaches:

  • Self-motivation;
  • How to remain focused and calm;
  • How to lead well in the middle of chaos;
  • How to inspire greatness;
  • How to motivate teams; and,
  • How to stay humble.


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Evolving the mind to motivate greatness

Mindset evolution: An inquisitive journey to discover why some people seem to thrive and flourish through adversity, while others seemingly falter.

Matt is a great believer in the power of the mind and the way one chooses to think. He has watched his life change dramatically as he changed his mindset and has been able to achieve some of his lifelong goals that he previously didn’t think possible.

So, ask yourself, why is it that some people who seem to be given everything throw it all away? While others manage to persevere and have great success from nothing?

These are questions that Matt answers both as a mindset, lifestyle and personal coach and a motivational speaker while helping people break through their fixed beliefs in order to enter a new world filled with possibility and the ‘impossible’.

Matt’s learnings along the way come together into the three pillars of Mindset Evolution. The three pillars are Intentions, Actions and Solutions, in that order.

  • Intentions, or the way things are thought about in the brain, will set the scene.
  • Actions, the things we do, create the path that we travel.
  • Solutions are the results of our actions, and are the moments of success.

Matt is passionate about learning to change the way you think in order to change the course of your life

“If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. Your mindset must evolve.”

Your journey begins with one step

Matt teaches that your mindset is the controlling force that shapes your decisions, actions, beliefs and values, and will determine the quality of life you lead.

You are the Captain of the future that you want, and the journey to greatness can start today. The outcome is worth everything, but are you ready to take on the challenge?

Creating the future you want begins here. Finding the greatness within you begins here.

Matt is willing to be your personal coach, are you willing to learn and put in the work?

“The one freedom we always have in life is the freedom to choose how we think and how we adapt.”

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