Let you in on a little secret; I haven’t always been self-confident in who I am and what I stand for. Self Confidence was an intentional skill I wanted to have.

It took time, practice and a decision to be confident.

Overcoming the feeling I needed to project confidence to FEEL ANY WORTH in a team has been a rewarding personal self-discovery adventure.

It’s true; there are people empowered as a child where they naturally develop self-confidence.

Choice to Develop Self-Confidence

For the rest of us, we have a choice to make a change.

Having now worked with hundreds of students to develop Self Confidence, it’s a skill which anyone can learn…

That is to say, irrespective of what Myers Briggs type you are, or the belief (in your mind) that’s been repeated for as long as you can remember, or because you haven’t graduated yet, Self Confidence is a skill therefore it can be learnt, practised till you master it.

Just like learning to do your first Blood Pressure check, with practice, you developed the skill.

Raising the cause

So what’s the real reason?
• Have you associated confidence with a personality like Donald Triumph?
• Is it a fear of been rejected or turned down or a NO?
• A belief that you lack the skill with your abilities/ skill set for the task?

Real Self Confidence is critical in all areas of life. Consequently, people who don’t develop this skill struggle to progress in healthcare as well in their personal lives.

You see, skills are learnable. They have a set of specific steps which when followed provide a outcome.

Just like learning how to take a manual Blood Pressure, once you understand the steps, what feedback you expect, what are the acceptable high and low limits and why it is necessary to check BP you became proficient.

After doing it a couple of times, then practising while you work it becomes second nature.

In short, you become the person who shows up to work confidently. Able to have difficult conversations. Speaks up. Asks curious questions which nobody wants to ask?

Comment below what’s the best advice you have had to show more self confidence.

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