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Personal Boundaries for health workers - Matt Steer

Personal Boundaries for health workers

Personal Boundaries don’t just exist at home; they are for work. It can be the difference between happy and healthy relationships and toxic, dysfunctional teams /days.

For many they may be ridged, loose, somewhere in-between but mostly NON-EXISTENCE.

Do you have personal boundaries?

What are yours?

Personal Boundaries for your mental Health

Acceptable Personal Boundaries
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A personal belief is in Healthcare we need Personal boundaries more than any other professions.

Aside from our code of practice, you mostly need to be clear for your mental health.

  • Are there times
  • The patient went too far in conversations
  • The family took advantage of your kind heart when you know you should have been getting to bed early for work
  • You know what you value, yet you never seem to feel fulfilled or meet the value?
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Schedule time for some downtime, yet it never happens

If you have kept reading, I believe you want to know more?



Personal Boundaries for your self-care
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Personal boundaries come from self-awareness. In other words, the more self awareness we develop, the more we know what is right for us and what is not. I wonder, comment below, how much time have you spent developing and consciously learning what personal boundaries do you have, what will you tolerate in your workplace and how can you positively maintain them?

So what are the advantages of this exercise?

Advantages include:

  • Good mental health
  • Good emotional health
  • Avoid burnout
  • Influence others through your behaviour
  • Strong sense of self. You become more self-aware
  • Awareness of where every dollar is spent or is allocated to a financial task reducing financial stress
  • Follow through on jobs which are essential to your life

Where to start?

How do you experience your values
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Firstly, start working out what’s important to you and what is not. What personal boundaries are currently in place? Are they working for you? Or are they working at home and not work?

Secondly, reflect on – how do you say no to when someone they ask to take your precious time? When you say “no” to someone, do you experience a feeling? Like a knot in you stomach or its wrong to say no? This is an opportunity to explore your emotional reaction to saying no. Moreover, there maybe some rule you’ve created deep down in your unconscious mind that needs to released around the word NO.

The first step here is self awareness, see above.

Keep your  Personal Boundaries simple. Don’t make it harder for yourself more than necessary.

Don’t Delay; start today. Your happiness comes when your clear what you’re willing to accept and not.

In conclusion, take time today to become aware of your personal boundaries. Not the boundaries you inherited from others. Or what has been told to you as acceptable.

The first step is to track in your journal when something

Comment below the boundaries you keep during these tough times?

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