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Hi, I’m Matt Steer and I am determined to make your life the best it can be.

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Matt Steer

Inspiring life change as a mindset coach

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Looking to change your trajectory?

Follow Matt’s path to success with Mindset Evolution. Unlock growth, success and wealth by transforming with your mindset coach. Using Matt’s formula, you’ll learn to understand your intentions, take meaningful actions, and find solutions.

The three pillars to success


  • Gain clarity on what you want and define your unique idea of success.
  • Be honest and unafraid of your big dreams.
  • Learn to view challenges and setbacks as opportunities to learn.
  • Create a plan that moves you forwards


  • Let your actions define who you are, not your dreams.
  • Take measurable steps towards your goals.
  • Become the person that moves forwards with intention and motivation.
  • Perform daily actions that move you towards your dreams.


  • Learn to ‘course correct’ and adjust to feedback.
  • Learn how to tackle each step in your journey and adapt to make new solutions.
  • Take opportunities to gain support from others who have walked this road.
  • Resolve issues that have been burning inside you.

“A positive attitude gives power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.”

Matt Steer – The Mindset Coach

If you want to change your trajectory, then you need to change your mindset. Through coaching mindset techniques, Matt will enable you to unlock your potential and start to harness personal and financial growth. Rather than dreaming of success, you’ll have an actionable plan to achieve success.

Do you feel:

  • Unfulfilled?
  • Like you’re treading water?
  • That you’re lacking motivation?
  • Negatively about your current situation?
  • That you’re in the wrong job or industry?
  • That you thought your life would have more meaning?

With your mindset coach, Matt Steer, you’ll transform your life into one that is rewarding, powerful and has a purpose.

“Your results speak louder than any other voice.”

The Coaching Mindset process

Through guest speaking, one on one, and group sessions coaching mindset, Matt shares his journey and the skills he learnt along the way to empower you to make a change.

Matt will take you through challenging preconceived ideas of social status influencing success, the concept of excuse-making and a victim mentality, through to what you can do to move past it all.

You’ll learn tools that serve you personally, professionally and financially.

After working with your mindset coach, Matt Steer, you’ll be prepared to make extensive changes to your life with a profound impact.

Lifestyle Coach

Create work-life balance with a Lifestyle Coach.

Mindset Coach

Expand your horizons with a Mindset Coach.

Guest Speaking

Guest Speaking motivates and inspires large groups.

Mindset Evolution Experiences

“You have to be willing to be the only person to see your vision. You must be willing to do it by yourself.”

Matt Steer – Mindset Coach

Go on a personal journey or take your team on a journey of discovery with your mindset coach.

From personal to professional development, through coaching mindset sessions you’ll be taking the fast-road to the successes you desire.

With online, face to face and group options, Matt Steer is ready to guide your evolution as your mindset coach.

Coaching Services

Matt Steer – Motivational Speaker

Matt is passionate about sharing his journey and helping others transform their mindsets.

Matt is a gifted communicator, creating energy and motivation throughout his listeners in every speaking engagement.

As a guest speaker, he can plant the seeds for real change, opening eyes and preparing your group for the future.

Motivational Speaker

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