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Want to know why, you do what you do?

Hi, I’m Matt Steer and I am proof you can live the life you want.

The question I have is, are you ready?


Who is Matt Steer?

Hi, I’m Matt Steer.

At Age 30 I was at the pinnacle of my career, but at the end of my first marriage. I realised that the man I saw in the mirror wasn’t my true self. On that day, I decided I would never be that same man again. It was time to be honest with myself.

Maybe you can resonate with this? Feelings such as:

  • Unfulfilled?
  • Like you’re treading water?
  • That you lack motivation?
  • Think your not enough?
  • That you thought your life would have more meaning?
  • Your life is meant to be different?

I am a Life Coach and Conscious Hypnotherapist who help people uncover their Authentic Selves and live fulfilling lives based in Brisbane.

If you want to discover self-belief, that your life has meaning, how to have great relationships with loved ones but above all with themselves. You have come to right place. Choose below your next steps.

Matt Steer Life Coach Brisbane
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“Your results speak louder than any other voice.” – Matt Steer

My Clients Say


Matt is an incredible life coach. He is patient, insightful and gently guides you to where you want to be. He helped me overcome many limiting beliefs and blockages when I started my own business. He is very personable and has the ability to listen to what you don't say as well as what you do say. He is very knowledgeable, communicates exceptionally well and will do all he can to ensure you succeed. I highly recommend getting in touch with Matt Steer to see how he can help you.


I needed help with my self-confidence in my abilities, how to apply my knowledge to practice and looking at the whole picture with the objective/subjective information available. I had a discussion with Matt Steer and provided myself with positive, motivating feedback that raised my confidence level; he also shared some techniques that were very useful in applying myself in practice.

I applied what he had suggested to me, and I had incredible results. I found myself more confident, able to look further into situations and think ahead. I have carried forward his suggestions into all aspects of my life; I couldn’t be more grateful it made a huge difference in my life. I would highly recommend Matt Steer to anyone who would like a bit of guidance, support or direction in their lives, he is a positive thinker, an attentive listener and has empathy for others.


I have known Matt for many years. I did a 6 week short course with him and wow is the best way to describe it. In 6 short weeks with the tools Matt gives you the changes you will see is unbelievable. This is the 1st time I have ever done a life coaching course I wanted better for myself and my future and I now can thanks to Matt. I highly recommend Matt. So if your serious about wanting to change. What are you waiting for?

Joel (Bravery Awared of Australia)

Matthew has a passion for safety, a strong work ethic, great organisational skills and an ability to lead and teach that I have observed proven in a difficult and stressful environment. Matthew thrives under pressure and learns very quickly. Whilst Matthew did not report to me (we worked together in similar roles) I have managed staff in a variety of contexts and as such feel confident in my endorsement of Matthew from a manager's perspective. I would employ him or work with him again willingly at any time.


Matthew was a dedicated, hardworking professional, always willing to except new challenges and to expand his knowledge and skills, with excellent communication skills

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